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MRIYAN EVENTS is a brand of ProQuest Group. It started its operation in 2012 only with 5 staff. Now it has 300 daily working staff. At Mriyan Events, we believe in a fairly simple philosophy- delivering quality service just-in-time. The simplicity of that principle is backed up by a lot of hard work and years of experience. Our uniqueness and quality of service has given us opportunity to create our own position and earn outstanding performance and goodwill in the hospitality industry. Possibilities are endless! So, we continue strive to improve our service. Our team is always very friendly and professional. We create memorable experience for everyone in every event which satisfies our partners. We believe in win-win business. So, we always focus to please our business partners through our service in return we become happy and establish a long term successful business relationship.

We work for Corporate businesses, prestigious grange hotels, Banqueting and restaurants in the city and outside the city. We are experienced in corporate events, social events, weddings, indoor and outdoor events. We also help organizing different types of small events like private parties.

Every event is different – and special. Each has its own distinct audience, tone, personality and set of business objectives. From day one, our events team focuses on creating the perfect event for an immediate and lasting impact which brings a magnificent image in the mind of each participant. Therefore, we supply fully skilled and best fitted staff for each event. Therefore, our experienced planning and professional staff creates a huge impression for you in your prestigious events in the mind of your distinguished guests.

In our years of experience, we have learned that customer satisfaction is the key to our business success and growth. So, we have achieved superior levels of customer satisfaction by paying attention to the finest details in everything we do. We know and actually feel that what is important to our business partners. So, we devote our full attention and cooperation to make every project successful that we work for and make our partners satisfied. That’s how we have developed high level of customer satisfaction and long-term business relationship with our partners.


We approach each of our projects with a total dedication to excellence, which is reflected by each employee on every level. Every potential project is carefully evaluated by our years of experience expert team so that we can make a win-win project with our passion for excellence.

We set each project under a supervisor along with a number of skilled working team to make sure we have enough employees for the project. We keep standby staff in case if we need additional employees in emergency or if our business partners need additional staff to work for. So, we do not face shortage of workforce. The supervisor monitors the whole project from beginning till end and make sure that things are running according to plan with quality and delivering service just-in-time. So, our business partners can relax once they sign up with us and we deliver them a successful team work.

We believe that employees are the front-line ambassadors of an organization. So, we treat them with the same high level of consideration that we treat customers with. Because employees are as valuable as the guests. We provide them comprehensive, ongoing training to assure their job and guest-related skills remain at the highest levels. Employees are evaluated regularly for their performance and rewarded for their outstanding service with incentives to keep our guest-relations program at the top of the industry.